Beware of Investment scams

Anonymous | 26 Jun 2024

Investment Scam

A scammer initially pretended to befriend me on Facebook Messenger. She started by exchanging basic information such as my job, location, and asking for my personal mobile number to communicate on WhatsApp. She claimed to be the business owner of Airtrunk in Hong Kong, operating a data center providing data storage and hosting services.

Three days later, she mentioned securing a new business deal with Brotbit, a European cryptocurrency platform. She said Brotbit would host their website in her data center to expand in Asia. After setting it up, she told me that she noticed significant transactions on the customer's website at specific times and that deals were closing within 10 minutes. According to her analysis, this indicated experienced investors manipulating the unit price to sell at a high point.

The following day, she decided to "test the waters" by mimicking these investors' buying and selling strategies. Two days later, she claimed it worked and urged me to invest with her to earn more money. I declined her offer, but she continued to send me screenshots of supposed profits to convince me.

Eventually, she lost patience when I did not invest. I realized all the information she shared was fake. The investment platform URL was, designed for mobile viewing, with a chatbot providing only standard responses. The available cryptocurrencies were dummy coins. Through my research, I discovered that Brotbit had also changed their URL.