Beware of room rental scams

Anonymous | 27 Nov 2021

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The story happened when i was looking a room to rent online. I found a room/apartment costs $800/month on I then contacted the owner, and he asked for my email address to send me the details of the apartment.

He claimed that he had ailment and his son brought him to texas for living. He is not in singapore and could not show me a room tour. (expose #1)

While from the email reply received, I could clearly see the timestamp was not in texas timezone. (expose #2)

I then asked for video call verification. He said he is on 'doc appointment'. Well, then he still could reply me immediately. (expose #3)

I asked if he has any photos from last tenants to show and justify, but the photos were just too well and fake. (expose #4)

I asked how many bedrooms were in the room. He said one, which matches with the photos sent, but i did a quick google search on the block -- and clearly that block only has 4/5 rooms. (expose #5)

The person asked for my details information to help make a lease agreement, but i didn't.

Thanks for hearing and be careful of the scams on