Don't fall prey to Job scams!

Anonymous | 28 Dec 2022

Job Scam Internet Love Scam
The person added me on Instagram and chatted. she suggested to change from ig to wa to chat more. chat was going well as she shared her daily routine (photos of her food/work place), likes/dislikes and her personal stories (trying to repay her ex-bf debts, laden with debts and working two jobs). One day, she said she needed help with her second part time job cos she is tired and wanted my help. she shared the wa account luisa via roma and asked me to text the person. after texting the person, i am supposed to do some stuff. however, i didnt follow-up on it. She tried to pressure me to do so multiple times and finally she gave up and ignore me. IG account is also deleted.

ig handle: yixin1994_
name: summer yi xin
contact number: +65 8041 6283
luisa via roma contact number: +65 8936 9420