Online friend asked for financial aid to help him tide over his problem

Anonymous | 28 Sep 2020

Internet Love Scam
I connected with this guy who goes by the name ‘Keat chang’ on the cmb app. WitHin an hour of chatting, he asked that we moved our chat to whatsapp and also that we both exit the dating app. He claimed that he spoke to two other ladies before on the app but since theY both have found ‘the one’, they have exited the app. He said he’s a singaporean who just Returned from uk to Sg three years ago. Lived and studied in uk fOr most of his life. He has a mum in sG and only child. Also cLAimS that his ex-GF chEated on him with his best frIend.

Red flags that this person is a scammer:-
- Professed his undying love wIthin days
-- texting regularly every day with frequent updates 
- left for a work trip within two days of chatting
- claimed to be doing his own oil and gas biZ and this is his first project in uzbekistAn
- asked for personal details regarding job and family

- The final straw: Asked for a a favour as his machine that he bought broke down and he needed cash to help. Needed to transfer money from his online account to the supplier (The catch: he’s on an oil rig which would limit access to his online account and therefore need needed you to help do the transfer first).
- Pleaded for your help

Do this Instead:
- just Say no
- Block him immediately
- flag Him on the dating app

I learnt a precious lesson that took all of three your instincts. True love doesn't require money!