Beware of Fake Friend scam

Anonymous | 28 Sep 2022

Impersonation Scam
Someone called my and identified me by MY NAME.

She started off by sharing her name was "Nicole". 

Then she said that she last her phone last all her contact and this is her new number.
She then asks if I remember her, trying to "fish" for information
after some chat she drops the call.

One day later she called and said that she needed to pay someone and needs to loan $1,000 and promised to return by 4 pm on the same day. I negotiated to 100SGD to loan her. She then said that she will text me how to transfer the money.

She then text me a paynow number with a different number then her calling number.

she called me again 3-4 times, of course, I did not bother to pick up the call.

After 30 mins, I texted her this message "are you in trouble? do you need to call the police? you numbers are different which makes me think that you are in trouble and should get help from the police ! my son is a officer in the police force do you need me to call him for you ?" and she never called again