Scammer got hold of me in a compromising position

Anonymous | 29 Jun 2020

Cyber Extortion Scam
met a girl through Tinder and proceed to Whatsapp. After chatting for a while, she asked if we wanted to do a video call to chat. I was bored so I agreed. shortly after the chat did get a bit flirty and then we proceed to get butt naked over the video call. shortly after she ended the call and said it was laggy, so she sent a link (DO NOT FALL FOR THIS) and said why not we chat at her private room. To login, is to put your number and the room number of hers. Stupidly I did it and shortly after she sent a video saying it got recorded and threaten to send it to my family and friends. the "manager" later called and threatened to send if I don't transfer money to him now. I did not even have the time to react or to think. but luckily I managed to negotiate not to send the full amount. but still, money was still lost in the process.

If you received such threats, just block their numbers straight away and just ignore.
Yes, I know you are afraid that they might send cos I was in the same situation as you. But just make a police report and block their numbers. because I believe even if you send the full amount, they will demand more. It's never-ending, I was lucky that I negotiated to only send half over.

Brothers, I understand the needs or desires that we fall into. but learn from my mistake, don't do online video call ever. Even if the girl seems genuine. Cos mine did too. And I admit I had some indecent video calls before but I never thought I would be a victim of this. Never get complacent. if their number ever starts with +852 esp, do not contact them ever.