Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 30 Apr 2022

Internet Love Scam
Matched with this guy called James on OkCupid. telegram id is joylim1, skype name is James mark.

He started by saying that he is currently in the states and is planning to relocate to sg for work as an engineer in a few weeks time. he also said that he is going offshore for work in the states and asked me to help him speak with his landlady-to-be in sg, Mrs chen (telegram id is mrschenshalihah). the landlady-to-be then asked me to pay $2500 as a deposit to help James secure the apartment. managed to lower the deposit to $500 and somehow she refunded the money back to me as she was unable to locate her husband.

James then asked me to buy $500 worth of itunes card for him so that he can buy application on itunes for his supposed new apartment in sg. realised it is a scam when he is unable to share what is he up to, that he cant video call when is able to voice call. he then asked me to send another $500 worth of bitcoin to his landlady for the apartment, but subsequently i blocked off all contact with him and the landlady.