Beware of Internet Love scams!

Anonymous | 30 May 2023

Internet Love Scam
I met a guy on the CMB dating app who calls himself Seng. We connected towards the end of May 2023. After chatting for an hour, he asked for my WhatsApp number because we had common interests. We started chatting on WhatsApp, and from the second day onwards, he would text me every day about his whereabouts. He greeted me good morning and called me every night. He was upfront about wanting to settle down and saw a future with me. He mentioned that he works as a game designer in the SEA Group and holds a high position, managing over 50 staff in his team. He mentioned being transferred from Malaysia to the Singapore branch and said that his direct boss, the Chief Product Officer of SEA Group, is David Chen. He also mentioned that he lives in a condo at 3 Orchard By The Park, which he bought for 3 million, and drives a car, giving the impression of significant wealth.

He started telling me about a private equity project on a BTO crowdfunding platform, explaining that David gave him the chance to work on it. He wanted to meet me near my office since he had a meeting nearby. I agreed, but ten minutes later, he told me that the client wanted him to send something back, so he couldn't meet me.

There were several red flags in our interaction. Within just two days of chatting, he revealed too much personal information about himself, including his salary, investment details, and even information about his family and ex-girlfriend. He didn't hold back when sharing these details. Within three days, he expressed strong feelings for me. He also brought up the private equity project suddenly and mentioned his boss, David Chen.

Given my suspicions about his words and actions, I decided to do some research and came across similar scams and storylines reported on a website. Fortunately, I only wasted five days of my time on this person and nothing more. I'm sharing my story here to raise awareness and encourage everyone to be cautious and alert.