Beware of online friends asking for your help

Anonymous | 30 Nov 2022

Job Scam

I was matched with a lady by the name of jennifer through tinder. After a short chat, we decided to take it off platform and chat via whatsapp. The chat was pleasant for 3 days. She would try to sent photos of her food, lunch and dinner and ask you daily what are you doing and what are you eating. Then she would also ask you to take photo of your food to send her back. She would also act like a malaysian and say where her hometown is if you ask. Her photos on tinder also looks too good to be true, it seems like it was taken from other girls profile. She had describe herself as a person with social anxiety but was able to engage in good conversation which made it a little suspicious from the start. She would then send goodnight message and good morning. She also mentioned that she work in retail from 10am-8pm

Until she decided to ask for help with her 2nd job on 30 nov 2022 at 9.29pm. She asked if i could help her by taking orders from Mytheresa. Singapore quoting her name as a recommender so that she could sleep earlier as she had a long day of work.

I felt something was not right, so i tried doing a small research on this particular person and there wasn't any social media of her. I also used mobile phone reverse search to find out which provider and owner of that number was and there wasn't any name linked to the phone number, which made it more suspicious because if you were to try out a few of your friend's number it would show up their name.

I immediately told her that i wasn't going to help her and she stopped replying to me, which is obvious enough that it is a scam sign.

Would like to warn people not to believe such job offers or helped an online friend to carry out jobs. Especially just knowing a date for 3 days and asking to help her purchase things without meeting them in the first place is huge risk involved as scammer would always try avoid meeting you in person.

Luckily for me i was always wary of online scams, as the rise of internet scams due to our digital era.

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