Job to follow Tiktok accounts turned out to be a fake

Anonymous | 30 Sep 2022

Job Scam

Similar experience as

1) I received a Whatsapp message from +65 8351 2981 named 'Maggie'. She said she's from 'asmedia pte ltd' and it’s a social media hype job. All I needed to do is to follow the tiktok accounts given in the tasks and will be paid.

2) I was referred to another person on telegram - receptionist-hata. Hata added me to a mission group chat and post 25 missions in a day. She's also in-charge of paying me for every few missions i completed. In between these missions, there are prepaid tasks where money is involved. I did not start the prepaid missions on the first day as i still find it sus. But hata did ask me why did i not join. Second day hata asked to join for newcomer package with a smaller amount $38 and cashback with 58, i did and got back my money. Going forward amount is flexible. But afterwards there another mission, this time round hata asked not to go for the newcomer package as its only use for once, and the next amount is 188 which is way too suss.

3) i exited the group chat, reported and blocked their accounts.