Online friend became angry when I refused to download app

Anonymous | 31 Jul 2022

Internet Love Scam

I was on Facebook dating and this guy approached me claiming to be a rich interior designer with a sick mother and started chatting. Within a week, he was declaring his undying love for me and asking me to travel with him as he wants me to be his wife someday. He tried to elicit my sympathy by saying his ex cheated on him and obtain my personal information like my name, age, nationality and marital status even though I kept insisting I am poor and jobless. He kept forgetting details i had shared with him before which made me suspicious, and after a while of talking he tried to get me to click on an internet link to "help his older sister" which was a non-verified app by a China website. He kept calling and getting angry when I refused to download the app and asked for a picture of him and his sister. I blocked him on all social media platforms.