Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 31 Jul 2022

Internet Love Scam

Met this British through ig (
His Whatsapp number +447868693687 and +447883183162 (business account but lost his phone). We chatted about 1.5 month starting june.

similar to other stories here, he moved to Glasgow since young after his dad passing, consultant engineer and entrepreneur, shared soapy stories about how he got cheated by ex gf, talked about future with you, going to marry you, showed love and care everyday without fail, shared his photos with his mom and videos/selfies regularly, also shared photos of his daily life etc.

The most ridiculous part was he lost his passport and wallet during his business trip in Istanbul and asked me to wire him $2k in order for him to survive. I told him I couldn't transfer money internationally then he found his ways to ask me to wire to some contacts in sg then they could wire the money to him. He even showed me the police report to prove that he really lost his passport. I've done my research and found out that isn't right with the passport number. Uk passport number only comprises 9 digits but in his police report shows 10 digits.

Just like other victims here, he also "send" gifts to me, only 2 weeks later i received a WhatsApp message to pay $4850 for the delivery and clearance fees. So i've again confirmed it's a scam and probably it is running by a group of ppl behind.

My friend did a reverse image search and found out that this scammer has been using other ppl's images to impersonate and scam for money.

No money was lost.