Car Rental Scam - Kelvin Tan

hishamudin | 05 Nov 2018

Car Rental Scam
i am a grab driver driving a 6 seaters premium care was told by the so called name kelvin tan he wi get back to me ASAP.after a few days later he called me up to fetch girls from vietnam and i will earn a commission of $80 per head.and i agreed .

after few days later he had asked for 50% of the air flight ticket for them to come over to singapore .total transferred was $3950 for the 13 girls plus cargoes and fine from the vietnam ladies .right now i m seeking the full amount from this kelvin tan which a singaporean .and he he kept asking if i had iPad ,iPhone,and even asked to ask for the deposit of the car rental .at that time of point i had put a full stop as i g\felt something wasn't right.

beware of this guy name kelvin tan whom will rent a car for his own benefits .

best regards.