Scammer asked me whether i am interested in being a purchase Agent & my credit card

Dan | 07 Nov 2018

Job Scam
During my job search a woman contacted me and asked if I was interested in being a purchase Agent. She (Teri White) said they would use my credit cards during the "probation period".

She offered a big salary and bonuses a laptop and cell phone. She gave me a bank account number and I was to pay off my credit cards with it and use those cards to buy with untell the full hire was complete. I varified that the card was paid down and now I was to buy . They gave exact instructions-iphones, tool. Then I shipped and advanced the TN. Each time the payment varified. Then the payments got reversed and I was left holding the bag.

I talked around and another guy lost $200K this same way and BofA is trying to prosecute him as if he was a part of the scam not a victim, a real nightmare.