Beware of Internet love scams!

Anonymous | 22 Jul 2021

Internet Love Scam

I met the guy in facebook dating last 21-may. He introduced himself as philip chang, a 41 year old singaporean who grew up in houston texas. He’s an oil rig engineer and independent contractor with plans to settle down in singapore hence he’s looking for a partner. The persona he has created is someone who’s an introvert with little knowledge of the internet. Growing up as an asian in the us has turned him into a quiet loner due to the bullying. His dad died when he was a kid and grew up with his mom until she died of cancer 8 years ago. He has an uncle, a retired priest currently staying in a home. He only had 2 girlfriends in the past, 1st turned out to be a drug addict and the 2nd cheated on him with someone he knows. Since then he is married to his job.

He was very patient, we chatted for almost 2 months in getting to know each other. Part of his daily routine is to do sermons, studying the bible by himself. He went to orphanages with his mom to donate. He shared a story of his worker stealing money from him through online banking which is why he doesn’t use online banking anymore. One day, he won a bidding contract in ukraine and had to fly there with his workers. His agent was waiting there with local workers. In ukraine, he shared the strict rules in safety measures in the rig like they can’t take pictures, videos or calls. He began sending love poems via email. Suddenly there were sea pirates who attacked their rig but no one was hurt. Our daily routine was chatting to find out if the other is ok. He’s able to fill my days with his messages. Then came my fear, their operation is now on-hold since their drilling machine has broken down beyond fixing. He has already used most of his funds in fixing it before. He has a deadline to meet and the only option is to buy a new machine worth us$ 178k. If he can’t finish the project, he’ll be sued for breach of contract. He asked if i could loan him money. I was in denial, that i should give people the benefit of the doubt. So i agreed to transfer sgd3000, an amount that i am prepared to lose. I told him that it’s the best i could offer to show my sincerity. So he asked me to transfer to his agent’s account in bangkok bank. He contacted me again saying he just needed a few more to buy the machine but this time i declined. I only found out about the scam and reported it right away.

There are really heartless people who won’t feel any remorse in hurting people for their personal gain.