Don't respond to unsolicited emails offering money

Anonymous | 27 May 2020

Inheritance Scam
    • At 2.08pm on 26 May 2020 Tuesday, I received an email to my personal email (Junk folder) with my full name in the subject title. I opened it and read the entire email as it had all my details. I was very shocked and almost believed it as my full name, mobile number, date of birth, and address were stated in the beginning of the email. These details are all accurate/current. 
    • Because I share the same last name as this 'barrister' as well as have some relatives in Malaysia, I first thought the email to be true. However, the tsunami disaster in December 26, 2004 seemed like such a long time ago for any inheritance matter to occur. I knew it was a scam when he said that "we would share the percentage on a mutually agreed-upon 60% for me and 40% to your kind self" which seemed like an unfair percentage. 
    • I am worried because if this scammer managed to get my personal information, other people/scammers out there may have gotten my information. Thankfully, the NRIC field is left blank which meant that the scammer may not have this piece of information which is the most crucial. No money was lost except my personal information (which I did not give my consent in giving away this piece of information, the scammer had it already). 
    • I showed my daughter this scam email, she did some research and found someone who has reported this email as fraud several years ago and she later advised me to share my story on this page.
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