Easy money, fast cash job turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 23 Jul 2021

Job Scam

Contacted the number based on job advert

"23Online jobs.
Salary paid out daily, weekly salary around SGD 1400+.
No service charge.
Easy job, can do at home. (21)
If you are interested in this job, please contact WhatsApp:

After that, sharon, proceeded to say the following:

Alright, we do a mission $1 - 3 pay, Tiktok mission have requirements, some are required to like the videos, some are required to comment, one mission one settlement [Money was credited into my account swiftly after that]

Hi, the tiktok boosting job are finish, need to queue up for it, I have another job that earns more than tiktok boosting, do you want to know about it?

It is a job to help me grab orders, grab full 60 orders will received a few dozen pay. It can work from home just require a mobile PHONE. This grab order job is use my account to help merchants to grab orders, no need your deposit money, working time about 20 minutes, the commission in the form of dividends will distribute to your member account, the salary about 20$ plus. Do you want to try it ?

I give you the working link, you register first, after successful tell me your invitation code ya
You can copy the link to the browser to open for registration, the invitation code to fill in: 649071

I WENT IN AND TRIED AND THEY DID FORWARD ME THE PROCEEDS FOR THAT DAY. However, it took them an hour to forward the proceeds the next day, and that’s when I panicked and started searching on the web. The job also requires a lot of intermitten top-ups to a specific bank account from UOB.

I felt lucky that I stopped when I saw so many other people’s stories here.