I lost over $23,000 to a job scam

Anonymous | 24 Jul 2021

Job Scam
I saw a post on instagram about a job, so i click the link and was directed to diorlyn (9346486?).

After explaining what the job is, she added me in the group 's 7 purchasing group', and there was a total of 21 people in the group.
i was very wary at first, but after seeing how others in the group was earning. i decided to give a try, i was told to contact the customer service for task (93490108).
i was given task, a link from shoppee was send to me and i have to take a screenshot of the item in my cart, and was given an bank account to transfer the money and few minutes after that my money was refunded plus commission.

I thought it was legit so i did another task, and so my money was refunded too plus commission.

Then suddenly, i was told that due to my fast response i was given the chance to join the VIP group with higher commission etc. It went downhill from there, my 3rd task onward, the was issues and i had to do more task to get my money back plus commission.
it went on and on, and just went i was told that it was clear. my 'account' was frozen due to system error and i had to do a final task to unfroze my account. I was told to contact the manager, anthony woon(8441515?) who can help me.
but nothing was done.

I ended up losing a total of $23,079/-.

I am always a very cautious and vigilant person, i dont know how i got lured into this. i am so mad at myself and very depressed because i lost of my savings during hari raya and i have bills and medical to settle end of the month.

Please, don't be like me. all i can do now is hope and pray.