I received an Inheritance Scam letter through fax!

Anonymous | 02 Jun 2019

Inheritance Scam

I received a fax from a Keith Oliver stating that I was eligible to receive the death benefit payout of his late client. According to him, his late client had died without a surviving relative. Due to the both of sharing the same last name and nationality, the life insurance policy of $7M+ can be legally paid to me. He also mentioned that if no beneficiary is presented by the end of May 2019, then the policy will be cancelled. This sounded too good to be true!

I was suspicious and found that the firm Peters and Peter LLP is often used by criminals as part of inheritance scams:www.petersandpeters.com/scam-emails! Also, the e-mail provided in the fax https://petersandpetersllp.com isn’t even their real website!

So glad that I verified it myself before I could fall for the scam!