Online friend who "showered me with love" turned out to be a scammer

| 22 Sep 2020

Internet Love Scam

I accepted a follow request on Instagram. The account username is 1882_jo. His name is alex kim jong-ho. He started chatting with me on 21 june. He said that he is a 29-year-old korean working in london as a subsea inspector with bv oil company. After that, he was busy and seldom on instagram, so he requested to shift to whatsapp to chat on 6 august. He used a business account. He confessed his love for me on 10 august. He chatted with me every day and called me honey and dear. He even said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We sent each other photos and audio recordings. I fell in love with him too. He called me 4 times on the phone. I asked for a video call but he said he was shy. On 13 september, he said that he was done with his work and could not chat on whatsapp anymore. We shifted to google hangouts. On 21 september, he asked me to open a trading account to start investing for our future. I told him that i was not interested. He said that i yelled at him. Then he called me on 22 september. His voice was different from the one that i heard previously. He still claimed that his voice changed because he was stressed. I pointed out to him that it was not possible and he quickly hung up. He sounded like a Caucasian and older. The one that called me at whatsapp sounded asian and boyish. I did a google reverse image search before with the photos that he sent me but there was no result. I just want to warn everyone that there are people operating as a syndicate preying on their victims' emotions and intending to scam money eventually. Their acting was superb. They showered me with love and concern. I didn't lose any money but i was scammed of my feelings and time.