What is a

Cyber Extortion Scam?

When you are coaxed by a stranger over the Internet to perform an indecent act for them, the video footage or pictures can be used to extort money from you later on.

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Beware of accepting friend's request on Facebook

14 Jan 2017

By Anonymous

This person befriended me on FB and I accepted the friend request. After chatting with this person, she told me that she had compromising pictures and videos of me....

Attractive woman tried to lure me with video call through Line

A Skype call became an extortion call

I transferred $1,500 to stop girl from posting compromising videos on FB

A moment of weakness on webcam nearly became disastrous

I am scared nude videos of me will be sent to people I know

Man met through OK Cupid tried to extort with revealing pictures

I lost banking details