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Home/Room Rental Scam?

Someone might offer you room or home for rent, and use high-pressure tactics to get you to pay them rent in advance. In such a scam, the scammer usually does not have the authority to rent out the property – if indeed the property even exists.

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Potential tenant sent a passport that was photoshoped

10 Aug 2018

By Anonymous

same case as i read just now ,  I received an SMS from Amelia Lee who claimed she’s a cruise ship Chef. And asked for 3-month rental. I replied to her with room...

I knew something was wrong when tenant asked me to help her pay the shipping fee

Scammer requested me to create PayPal account

Scammer sent me someone else's IC to fool me

I went to check ad listing and found that info given was fake

When potential tenant wanted to pay in advance via PayPal, I knew something was wrong!

When potential tenant wanted to pay me via PayPal, I suspected something was wrong!

Fake PayPal email requested that I pay $900 for the funds to be released to me

Scammer attempted to fool me but I didn't fall for her ploy