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Paypal Email Scam?

If you are selling an item on an auction site and are accepting payment through PayPal, you could fall victim to a PayPal email scam. In these cases, scammers agree to buy an item from you and to make payment through PayPal. But instead of making payment, they send you a fake email that looks like one from PayPal stating that the money has been sent to you. You are asked to provide shipment...

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Email from "PayPal" looked suspicious

27 Dec 2017

By Anonymous

Was selling item on eBay. EBay later sent me an email that transaction is invalid as it has been made by third party other than account holder.

Later "EBay" sent another...

Don't be fooled by fake PayPal email

Don't be fooled by the PayPal Email Scam!

If someone asks you to ship your item before you can receive the money, beware.

Fake email from PayPal requested to give my PayPal account details for verification

Bad grammar made me realise that email wasn't from PayPal

I was charged for transactions that I did not make

I fell prey to a PayPal scam

Notorious Carly Boggy tried to con me too