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Wangiri Scam?

Have you ever received a phone call from an overseas number which lasted only one ring? The wangiri scam is also known as the “one ring and cut” scam – wan means “one” and giri means “hang up” in Japanese. If you return the call, you will hear an advertisement for a subscription to premium chat lines or Internet services – and you will be charged a premium for this call.

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Suspicious call ended with "Thank you for calling"

6 Sept 2017

By Anonymous

Received an incoming call from +65 68547070. Immediately got this message 'Thank you for calling..' and line got disconnected.

Informed StarHub (my telco) and understand...

Beware of Wangiri Scam!

Don't pick up unknow phone calls why you are travelling

Do not call back suspicious foreign numbers!