I lost over $2k to Loan scam

Anonymous | 2021年5月7日

Please do not engage These LOAN financial experts from FB. They are using real companies DETAILS, pictures, license and address. Don't trust when they say fuss free applications.  I have been scammed of $2200.

Lesson learned the hard way.

On 5 may 2021, I chanced upon this GS credit Singapore on FB. I was looking for a loan of $5000 with repayment terms of 12mths. I did a check AND the LICENSE no. and office address is legitimate, included in THE moneylenders LIST. My MISTAKE WAS not CALLING the real phone number instead of the person HENRY.

I asked why cannot go office, Henry said due to CURRENT pandemic SITUATION, meet up was stopped They will ASK for your ic, BANK statements and next of kin's contacts. Do not give anything to them.

In short, AFTER their 'VALIDATION process', THEY WILL then ask you to send $500 deposit to them but They will DEPOSIT $250 to your bank account. After that they make you wait for some time, contract states you have to pay $750 as insurance for them if you default on your payments. Its when they send you a TAX invoice by Credit Bureau Singapore which told me that i was scammed. They ASK me to clear the 'govt Tax" in order to transfer the LOAN to be completed. I told them I will CHECK CBS for the validity and THEY panicked. I will pay them the extra if really I was taxed on the Next day. The 'finance" guy said ok and said I will get the LOAN the next day. I immediately made a police REPORT and informed CBS and blocked And report them from whatsapp. There's definitely a few of them.

Editor's Note: Please note that unlicensed moneylenders can impersonate as licensed moneylenders by creating fake websites using their details. Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to put up advertisements online (including social media), SMS or messaging apps. Please contact licensed moneylenders via the contact details and visiting only the websites found in this list: https://rom.mlaw.gov.sg/files/ML%20Lists/ML%20List%20as%20at%2001March2021.pdf.

Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to approve loans remotely.