Scammer demanded that I transfer $782 to his Bitcoin account

Anonymous | 2019年1月1日

The email appeared in my school email's spam folder. I only opened the email a few days after it was sent. The email claimed that an email was sent from my account to myself, therefore the sender has full access to my email account. It also mentioned that a Trojan Virus through an adult site gives the sender access and control of my devices over a computer and that he is able to see everything on the screen, microphone or camera.

It then demanded that I transfer $782 to his Bitcoin account, otherwise supposed embarrassing footage of me will be released to all emails and contacts on social networks.

I did some checking and found out that it was actually a Sextortion scam ( The Bitcoin account mentioned in the email was also heavily reported in a Bitcoin Abuse

Database (

Hope the public can be more aware of such scams and prevent themselves from falling for it.