Domestic helper was scammed of more than $120

Anonymous | 2019年4月3日

This is regarding my FDW that works for us Ms Charlene Entredicho. The company Asia telecom called her up in August 2018 and offered to her to participate in a promotion that she can win all kind of THINGS if she tops up 900 peso to a prepaid wallet in PHILIPPINES. After she agreed she got a bill of 60 SGD which is almost 3 times more than the value she got in Peso.

Later the company continued to call her and send her frequent text messages and whatsapp telling her to pay the outstanding bill and also telling her that she needs to topup more in order to participate in the promotion.

Overall they sold her ~1600 peso worth 41. SGD and charged her more than 120 SGD.

After I heard the story I called up the company to try to sort this out but they were not willing to do any settelment and request that she pays all the remaining balance.

this company is using the helpless and innocent helpers promising them promotions and not enclosing the very high costs of the topups and then they continue to HARASS and get more and more money.