I've lost $1500 to loan scam

Anonymous | 2019年7月8日

I was unemployed for 2 months and in need of a cash then a text message with an ad from "JenseN" was sent to me. I was in desperate need, so i whatsapp the number 85799501 with my enquiry. "JenseN" asked for my NRIC and CPF Contribution. The same night, he transfered $400 to me saying "Take 400 clear 600 defer 200 5 day loan" so on the 5th day, i paid $200 (thinking that as long as I pay $200 3 times, it'll add up to $600) but wrong, they want me to transfer $600 to "clear" it. So for that phase, I lost $800. "Jensen" said the admin will call me for my loan. I was in desperate need, so I pushed thru.

Upon paying the Defer $200 and Clear $600, the "TMC Financial" ADMIN Whatsapped me saying I need to transfer $550. the exact text message was "$550 (APPROVE CHANGE/AGREMENT CHANGE" so stupid me went to transfer the money. after that he messaged me saying "SISTER WHY U IN 550 ONLY?!" So agreement change is 550 and approve change is 550. that's $1100. I was so stressed as I needed the loan money and this people are asking for more. so I transfered another 550. i even asked him nicely if that was the last payment. he said yes. They keep using voice recording on whatsapp.

After that, the "admin" was asking that he will transfer me $6500 (My 5k loan + 1500 - my money that i transfered to them). after that, he messaged me "my boss says need to buy insurance" and that's when I lost it. I told them I won't be paying the "insurance" coz it's $840. I was texting him back with my discontentment and he even offered to pay half of the insurance so I can get my "loan"

i lost a total of $1500. I'm going to report them to the police so I started researching and here I am writing this. i just hope i can get my money back.