Home Rental Scam: Potential tenant doesn't want to view house

Anonymous | 2019年7月9日

Email from Scammer Li XiaoJie

Thank you for replying to me. I am XiaoJie Li, 37 years old, a simple and non-smoker lady. I am willing to rent the room. I am at sea at the moment as i work on a cruise ship as a Chef.

I will be living and working down there as my contract here is coming to an end that's why I am coming there. But due to the nature of my work of having a busy schedule, phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted, I only squeezed out time to check this advert and send you a message so I won't be able to come for the viewing myself.

I will like you to kindly calculate the total cost covering my first six months rent together with deposit and I will be staying for long as your room is available.

Please kindly get back to me with some pictures of the room and your address for me to forward it to my mover agent to calculate the total cost of moving my stuffs over there. I have attached my IC with this email for you to have a view of me. Looking forward to read back from you soon so I can provide you with my WhatsApp number


Thanks for your response. I would have loved to see and meet you in person also but i wont be able to come down until i have the accommodation settled and ready. I am very social person that respect humanity and this make it so easy for me to get along with whoever that comes my way in life.

I am a satisfied with the room i'll be coming down as soon as i have the accommodation sorted out and am willing to pay for it now via PayPal so send me your PayPal information for me to make the payment or go to www.paypal.com to create a free PayPal account if you do not have PayPal account already. Kindly get back to me with the information below:

PayPal name:
PayPal email:
Phone number:
Send me the total amount to pay now (3 months rent)

I will like to pay in advance through PayPal and my reason is that, I will be presenting the proof of my rent payment to my employer for verification before i leave here. Awaiting to read from you as soon as possible, here is my WhatsApp number +63 945 243 8809
Kind Regards
wasn't going to paypal her anyways and was just bored so i searched her name on google and tada, all i see is 'scammer alerts'.

Better think twice and thrice before sharing any personal details.

This is obviously too good to be true when someone don't even bother to visit the house and dying to pay u money.