Potential tenant didn't want to look at apartment

Anonymous | 2019年7月11日


Fake tenant alert! Li xiaojie working as a chef in cruise. Foolishly gave my paypal details and contact number to her because she provided her on whatsapp number!

Whatsapped her and here are her claims
i am stationed on the system now about to get the payment done, i need a kind favor from you and i will be happy if you can sort it out for me
i was just about to pay when i received an email from my shipping company, my shipping agent says i will need to pay for the moving before they can ship my items, they charge me $400 sgd for pick up and delivery and payment for pick up will be made to the corporate international headquarters in philippines.
The payment is to be made through moneygram money transfer. I will add $400 sgd to my to my rent deposit that i will transfer to your paypal account which you will kindly help me to send the excess $400 sgd to them

right from the start, it was somehow fishy because i insisted her to view but she gave excuses that she wanted to secure her room. Once when ive given her my paypal details via whatsapp, she wanted me to pay the mover fee via Moneygram and i told her to do it by herself lol. Now it appears to really be a scam. Have not blocked her on whatsapp yet but maybe soon...

If only i have googled her name before wasting my time to engage with her grandma stories!! Landowners, beware of her! Because I’ve given her my paypal details, i decided to close my account to prevent any hacks etc.

Her profile pic on whatsapp is exactly the same face as on ic. Do not be fooled