Don't Get Scammed Like Me!

Anonymous | 2019年7月12日

So i saw an ad on locanto and it was about sexual services and i messaGed the girl and She ask which part am i staying i told the girl central so she asked me to meet aT AMK MRt and then she says thAt the Some one needs to call me to ask some questions and i stupidly agree so That guy called and told me to ensure the girl safety Because is my first time He ask me to go to the nearest AXS machine to pay the Alipay CrediT of 150sgd so i say i don’t know how to use it and then he say to pay by itunes card $150 so i bought and i gave him he then asked me to pay $1000 for deposit so i know is a scam Already Then i told him know the he Threatened saying he will Ask 2 men to come find me and See if i got any money and if i have i will face the consequences then he Threaten to harm my family but i hang up then the girl send me so torturing videos and images Saying that the boss ask to send so i ran to the nearest NPC and Was in a panic so i made a report and decline all the no caller iD calls.

So please don’t get scam im only hoping there are no further harassment and no harm will happen to me and my family as assured by the police officer.