Beware of investment scams!

Anonymous | 2019年3月12日

投资骗局 投资骗局
Contacted via wechat in Nov 2018. we started talking about general stuff and after a few weeks scammer brought up bitcoin trading and how she has made a good income. she would send you snapshots of her trades and how much she has in the trading account (more than usd1mm) and profits. they use mt4 trading platform. she then introduced me to the account manager at goldenday and an analyst based ij houston. all contactable via wechat. account manager helped me set up a demo account and analyst advised on the trading. these were profitable almost all the time. then i stated to fund a real trading account in jan 2019. initially profitable and then one day jason recommended a trade that wiped out the capital.

before i started trading i couldnt find out anything about this scam. but in december 2018 and up to feb 2019, many similar stories started to emerge online, all concerning this company and they way they operate

1) befriend you via wechat
2) introduce Btcusd trading
3) help u set up demo account that is profitable
4) when u open a real account, it will initially be profitable
5) then they recommend a bad trade and all your capital is wiped out
6) if you have stop loss and have been making money, they will shut down your account and u cannot get your money