Scammer got angry when I didn't pay more!

Anonymous | 2019年7月14日

I was approached by this Taiwanese student called 慧慧 on a Rela app, and She asked me to add him on line.. was told that purely want to know friend as in singapore she have not much friend and the day after decide to watch movie and was ask to meet at Amk hub. When i went to the meeting place As told and she said that She would need me to talk to his friend. Shortly after, his friend 大哥 called to be ensure that i am not a policE, need to answer fews question he Asked. and warned me If i cant prove of my job stAtues then i need to pay a amount of 押金. I say i dont have money and i am just a normal human and just friend meet up for a kopi and movie. He said no then u have how much, i say like a $500 only and he say I better dont try to play with him THAT if i don't pay up, my family and i will land up in big trouble.

I decided to listen what he want at first, he say as security deposit, in the form of apple cards credits of $500. He claimed that his big boss WOULD NEED MORE assurance from This meeting and i said if i want to cancel and dont meet alReady then He suddenly grow in anger. I say ok i go 7-11 see. Then he ask me take photo of the apple credit and send tO line to 慧慧。Then i didnt follow so and i bought a $30 apple credits only and say for the rest i was pass her when i see her. Then hui hui CONTINUED TO LINE ME thereafter and asked if I had purchase SGD$500 worth of Apple card. As previously that $30 apple credit was used and i said i just bought it and its impossible. After that, He said i still play game with him.

And at the other side, 慧慧 keep texting me in line say i mUst listen to 大哥 if not he can do anything just to track me by my number to kill mE and my family and she keep send me thOse bloody video and photo where they dont follow as 大哥told and got hurt. He threatened me that i had made him very angry and he gonna track me now and do something to me.

But i am already on my way to AMk police station to make my report and police advise this is a apple scam, either change my hp number and it wont get track easily. The police will investigate the case. I just lost credit of $30 but i hope public please be alert on this as dont be their next victim.