Don't fall for Credit-for-Sex scam!

Anonymous | 2019年7月14日

I met this girl on locAnto called shanshan and she chatted like a real girl ready to provide the sex services. As much as it is i tried to be careful. I ask if i could use paynow or paylah To pay that 100/h seRvice as i do not have enough cash. She said yes And i Made My way doWn to the location she provided teck whye lane blk 16 (dont ever go there) after that she told to meet at the AXS machine nearby and then she will come to pick me up but she then ask if a sister could accompanied to transcation etc. She then proceed to ask me to buy alipay but luckily my card haD some problem and i could’nt purchase. I told her that aNd she seem to not understand and threaten me that by not paying i have already haRrased them. And iF i do not buy that Alipay she would track me down and also hurt me and my family. I was scared hence i looked up this ScamAlert and many were being cheated as well. And i saw someone that was a victim blocked the number and change number to be safe and hence i did as well. Dont fall for such scams. And dont give Out important info!