Scammer kept asking for money

Anonymous | 2019年7月15日

i found this Airpods seller at Facebook market place. i inquire to him then he told me to Whatsapp at 9083684?. at first i was hesitant to order but after sometime since the way he message that he was trustworthy...etc...etc.. then place an order to him.. he told me payment thru bank transfer or atm cash deposit. a manage to transfer 130 sgd for the Airpods that cost 150sgd as their offer then after sometime i receive an email written there that i need to transfer again 200sgd for insurance and Gst as my item was examined by the official authority at the airport and will be refunded back as cash after i receive the item. they want me to transfer to standard charted: 0107705389, GST & insurance ltd but i told him i wont pay another 200 more. then i ask for refund but he still insists to settle with the SGD$200 first to refund my payment.