I got suspicious when scammer asked for money

Anonymous | 2019年7月18日

Got to know this guy on okcupid, a dating website. he professes his interest for me and soon took our conversation to Wechat. he says he is a Singaporean but was living in Canada with his mum and planning to come back soon to Singaore as his contract is ending soon.

We voice call a couple of times and i even requested to video call, but before i could even ask, he says he dropped his phone and it cracked and he was unable to video call me.

Hence he told me he wanted to buy a condo in Queenstown.  His boss in Canada was the one who recommanded him the agent. however in order to secure the price which was an initial of $1.5million to $950k, the home owner requested him to put a down payment of $350k.

However he claimed his account got blocked by the bank in Canada as he transferred out a large amount of money. he appeared to be be sad and frustrated that he was unable to transfer the rest of the amount out. this morning, he messaged me exclaiming that his boss managed to rain 45k and adding in and 4k, which his mum raised, its now a total of 49k.

He then requested me to help him send the money to the owner through my account and at the same time, lending him another 1 k as he was short of it.

I blocked him after that. he was probably going to use my bank account as a money mule and at the same time cheat me of 1k.