Red flags of an Internet Love scam!

Anonymous | 2019年7月18日

Thanks to this and everyone who shaRe their story. From here, i found the man that befriend me in instagram also have another IG account with different name but same pHoto. I am A kind of person who doesn’t easily trust people i know from online but i am almost fall for Him.

I kept wanting to do a video-call with him, and said that he will do that when he is not busy. One day before i found this web, i have strong feeling that whatever he told and share all Are fake. Then i challenged him to do face-call right now, and again he said not yet ready.

Then the next morning i search with keyword “lovescammer” and found this web and read the story shared here. From here, I found his another instagram acct. i have remove him from my instagram but not yet on my whatsapp.

I wanted to know what is he going to do with me? I informed female-followers who like his photos to be aware of him and to be surprised, his other follower also shared same experienced. This make me confirmed that he is a love scammer. Characteristics of love scammer:

1. Avoid to do face call
2. His account is newly accounted with minimize photos.
3. His profession is either engineer, work in military, busy businessman.
4. All his follower are women, not even a man.
5. They are not really follow your post even they talk all sweet thing about us.

His Whatsapp is always inactive and only active when they contact you.