I was signed up for a monthly subscription after being tricked into giving my credit card details

Anonymous | 2019年5月19日


I received a message from “SingPost” saying i have win a prize draw and a link was provided to claim the draw. Once inside, you are told to give 1 usd to claim an iphone.

After giving USD$1 usd using my credit card, i received a monthly SUBSCRIPTION of USD$85 UNKNOWINGLY FOR A GAMING SERVICE. I only realised it 4 months later.

Upon checking with the Merchant, i was told that the SUBSCRIPTION was activated due to a term and condition stated in the link they provided..

I checked the link and indeed the term and condition states that it will charge me a subscription FEE of 85 usd after 3 days if i didn't cancel the SUBSCRIPTION.

I told the merchant that I didn't notice it as it was one of the terms stated in the terms and conditions webpage. The merchant did however refund me 2 months after getting 2 months of subscription, I asked the merchant to refund me the other 2 months of subscription, and if they don’t I will raise a dispute with the bank. However, I only got back one month of subscription.

I checked with the bank but because I did agree to the terms and conditions, they couldn’t do anything unless the merchant refund me the money.

Please read the terms and conditions of anything that you sign up for and if an offer sounds too good, then be wary as it may come with a HUGE catch that you are not aware of.