Start to apply online fast loan

Indrani | 2018年10月20日

Start to apply online fast loan. Submit my details via online. Than received some text messages about loan. They even mention about monthly repayment schemes.

So got attracted to their package and contact them via whatsapp. Than the person ask for my details for verification. After the procedure, they will ask to video call, send proof of documents like payslip, letter of employment, NRIC front & back.

Later than they will say our loan approved to this amount and will give details about repayment method etc.

They will start with weekly first and say later on can to monthly if our payment is very good on time.

For due dates, they won't allow us to repay in full to them but tell us to defer for that week because they cannot find an account number to transfer.

This carry on until for few months than i realise why should i pay more than the amount i take????? This is really a scam.

After notice this issue than i made a police report and now they are harrassing and threatening messges and burning house video to show me what they will do if never pay. This monkeys are really very annoying, disturbance, emotionally getting us into depression. So what we got to do is make a police report and ignore their calls, block them & report as scam.