I lost $600 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 2019年7月21日

hi, i would like to remind everyone to be extra careful when dealing with strangers met in online dating apps.

firstly, i was a victim that was blinded by sex and due to my desire to have first time experience on it i became desperate and landed into a trap from the scammer. i met this girl called li ping which proclaimed that she was from hong kong and she told me to met her at sengkang shell petrol station at 9pm. i was then told to buy taobao credit of $200 worth before we meetup. after doing so, she told me to buy another $200 worth of taobao credit again for safety. i was then alerted from her when she told me to call her boss to arrange for a meetup with me. after which, i called and her boss told me to buy $1000 worth of taobao credit as a protection in case i bullied or hurt the girl which i find it ridiculous. but i decided to buy an extra $200 worth of taobao credit again to called it a close. but the boss was not happy and i told him that i had no money due to being a student as well. the boss decided to lower it to $500 worth, but i have already made up my mind not to pay anymore money to them and decided to ignore all the calls and messages from them. they are furious and the boss threaten to hurt my family members and even send someone to ASSAULT me in the future. in total, i lost $600 and in return had a painful lesson learnt.