Scammer wanted to a direct bank transfer rather than transacting on platform

Anonymous | 2019年7月22日

I purchased a mobile phone on Lazada for $300. 1 hour after the transaction, the seller contacted me on whatsapp, he WANTED TO VERIFY MY HOME ADDRESS. then, he/she requested that I cancel my order and instead pay them directly through bank transfer to his/her bank account instead, to get my item delivered faster. when i asked why, they said this was because of their company's regulations. i refused, and they asked for a deposit of $100 and balance to be paid on delivery. I made a report to lazada and an online police report. A police officer called and said that they basically cannot take any action because no money was lost. Be careful everyone!

Lazada seller: SG_SHOP010 (FYI- this seller no longer exists!)
Mobile: 8439214?