I lost $300 to Loan scam!

Anonymous | 2019年7月22日


I received an SMS message stated no late fee charge and $185 monthly for 60 months for a loan of 10k, so i started to enquire about it. After taking my particulars and says need to do a test loan before the 10k loan to be approved. The test loan is to transfer $700 and 5 days after i have to pay 1k and they will return back after the loan is approved. So, on the 5th day, they sent me a message to transfer the $1k loan before it would be approved in 15mins. After I have transferred the $1k, the manager called to inform me that the ‘rules’ have changed and I need to pay an admin fee of about $1.5k first and said the company will be reimbursed upon loan approval. The company kept saying that these ‘fees’ will be returned to me upon loan approval. This is just a scam and there is no ‘loan approval’ at all. They even threatened me! Hope that no one will get scammed by them!