Scammer's advertisement is no longer available on Lazada

Anonymous | 2019年7月22日

Vendor advertised Huawei P30 Pro cellphone for sale at SGD500 on lazada website. after some enquiries on the website, the vendor asked to chat on whatsapp. I did so and after further enquiries, i was directed to make direct payment to his account, and not through lazada.

ABOUT SIX HOURS after i made the internet funds transfer, he whatsapp me that i need to pay another $395 for tax and insurance to ensure safe delivery to my doorstep as the product is on hold at customs. this will be refunded to me subsequently.

i refused as i suspected that i had been scammed. i called POSB to ask if my payment could be reversed but was told to make a police report, which i have made.

i checked the lazada website again and this time the misleading advertisement is no longer there.