Another home rental scam involving "Li Xiaojie"

Anonymous | 2019年7月23日

zhu lan replied to my rental ads on gumtree on monday 22 july 2019.

google her email provided [email protected] No record.

So i responded according.

the story is the same as those already reported under rental scam li xiaojie.

after i emailed her videos and photos of my premise, i received her email requesting for paypal account with her whatsapp number +63 945 243 8809.

I google this number and found all the scam story.

I have also previously received reply via gumtree for my rental ads from li xiao jie on three occasions. but because the email provided can be searched under scam, so i didn't reply. li xiao jie various email are : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]