Investment Scam: Be Wary!

Anonymous | 2019年4月24日

投资骗局 投资骗局

I wish to bring to attention questionable contact and sales tactics by two companies, Asi? Claim and Paremount Strategie?.

My mum, a victim of the Geneva gold scam, was contacted by a certain Susan (+65 8374 695?) who claimed to be calling from Asi? claim. Susan said that Asi? Claim is a litigation company and is helping victims of the Geneva gold scam to recover their monies through a civil class action lawsuit. Susan received my mum's number through someone who was also a victim of the geneva gold scam, and who had given Susan my mum's number when she made a claim assessment report with Asi? Claim.

I accompanied my mum to the Paremount Strategie? office on 23 april 2019 to make a claim assessment report. While waiting to hear back on whether my mum was eligible to be part of the lawsuit, we were offered one share in Wyndham Sundancer resort Lombok which guaranteed usd34,000 in 5 years, in exchange for 3 pieces of the gold she had on hand which was bought from Geneva gold. We were not informed at any point prior to the appointment that we would be subjected to such a pitch during the session.

Questionable aspects:
(1) Susan contacted my mum several times to persuade her to take up the case. When i spoke to Susan, she insisted that i could not accompany my mum when she was being interviewed for the claim assessment, even though she did not understand English.

(2) The people we met at Paremount strategie? (the supposed sponsor company which is doing the 'interview' for the claim assessment on behalf of Asi? Claim as they do not have an office in Singapore), a certain Miko Tse and a guy called Sean (or similar) with a strong British accent, kept us in the room and said we have to listen to the gold-for-share proposal (see s/n 1). They prevented us from leaving the room, took turns to explain the proposal, and claimed that the lawyer's reply had not come in several times I asked.

(3) the day before, a person supposedly from the law firm and speaking with a strong British accent calling from a Malaysian number (+60 18-221 731?) called to inform my mum about the appointment. I took the call since my mum could not speak English. On the morning of the appointment, my mum received an SMS reminder. I called the number from which the SMS was sent (+65 8599 270?) and spoke to a certain Rosie. This was when i found out that the 'sponsoring' company is Paramount Strategie?. I found it suspicious that when i spoke to Sean (or similar) at the office, he seemed to know that the 'lawyer' called the day before to confirm the appointment; I suspect they could be the same person.

According to Miko, there are people who have taken up their proposals. I hope to bring this to your attention IN CASE THIS TURNS OUT TO BE SCAM AND MORE CONSUMERS FALL FOR IT.