Don't be fooled by DHL Impersonation phone calls!

Anonymous | 2019年7月24日

I received pre-recorded call (8579 8121) in english and claimed that from DHL. after that pre-RECORDED switched to MANDARIN and claimed from dhl and requested me press 9 . it keep on EMPHASIS press 9 . after that i press " 9" and so called direct to other respective department . that "waiting process tone" sudden disconnect . less than 1 min , i received a call (8187 4146) but is a " waiting process tone " in progress. a china accent female operator picked up the call and ask what is my purpose of calling . i asked what is propose of calling me but she cant answer it . i asked her check with their system for record but she keeps on ignore it . when i asked that i want speak with SUPERVISOR and she seems very HESITATE. after that the line disengaged from her side .

Half and hour later i called back above two numbers ( 8579 8121 and 8187 4146) both are invalid number.