I can only say, very stupid and expensive lesson learn from this

Bc | 2018年10月24日

I can only say, very stupid and expensive lesson learn from this.
Cut short my story and summerise it.
come across advertisements in Carousell. so try approach. Claim they r license and show me their past invoices,then ask for documents to prove income, once they say ok, fund of 500 was in my bank as inform and say that, because I m new account, need to process this loan first and never sttle,always defer final payment and when I wanted to close account and they ask to pay 50% of e loan amount or continue to make at least 3 defer payment and 1 final payment, but it never take place. This is what gold credits done to me.
As I was in need of money badly, contact ML credits and ask them that if my loan is approve, but I decided to drop, they say no problem,so same procedures to process, Same things happen, 500 was transfer to my account and told me to clear next day to proceed, when I do fund transfer to them, they claim not successful and want me to do cash deposits, after that fund did not come, so I cancel and they want me to pay for close account. Thinking that it can be solve after all this payments, you are wrong. I have decided not to pay them any more and waiting for their actions now. Almost forgot, ML also offer me to work for them as ATM porter.