I knew something was fishy when new job required me to open an account

Anonymous | 2019年1月25日

On january 4, 2019, I saw a part time employment ad on gumtree for a flexible admin job which requires just surveying the supermarkets within 2km of your house residence. i was to be paid $28/hr, with a maximum commitment of 20 hours/ week. and so given that i lack the time but was in need of money, i applied.

I first got into contact with "arnold smith" who claims to be a human resource manager (
[email protected]), then got into contact with "erika andersen" ([email protected]), the order support manager once i was "accepted". i also got into contact with "christian markovic" who claimed to be the hr director, asking for my bank details where you want the salary to be transferred.

I was four days into doing the "order reports" when they asked me to register in an e-currency website. that's when i started doubting their legitimacy, and started to search for derby f&b. to my horror, this company has been scamming people from different parts of the world, targeting people to be their money mules.

lesson learnt - Do not disclose your bank details and personal details even in an email interview. i had to quickly close down my bank account to prevent any criminal money from getting into my bank account.