My bank account got frozen after I took up a part-time job involving transferring of funds

Anonymous | 2019年4月26日

I search for a part time job in jobsearch and come a cross this job link as AN part time online cashier. Emailed the person called dina, asking for vacancies.. She replied describing the job scope and from which company ask for my details and mobile number. After replying to her email, she WhatsApp me. Before I replying her, I checked online to see whether her company is legit, and it seemed legit. After which, I replied her. She asked for my ID and bank account number, saying she needed to verify with her finance dept. This is the worst mistake that I've made - to have trusted her and giveb ALL my details. The day after the conversation I messaged to ask whether I had been approved for the job, and she suddenly replied and say a small amount has been transferred to my account, to check asap and find the nearest bitcoin machine to transfer the money.

As i don't know how to use bitcoin atm, I told her to give me a direct account number and i transfer her back the money. and she did. after a few weeks, my bank account has been freezed by the authority. i went to make a report and they say i am being investigated. The worst time of my life, salary would be FREEZED as no withdrawal are allowed to be made by my account. i have 4 kids to feed. And if after investigation and they think im not in the wrong, my account will only be refreeze in 2-3 months time. 😭😭😭MY only fault is to have the thinking that i could work extra job to earn extra money. please be careful everyone. my case is still under investigation. please don't trust easily.