Scammer send me sms saying he is trapped at airport due to 94000 USD

Anonymous | 2018年11月26日

There is this person called Calvin Chiang ,he chat with me on fb messenger and told me that he want to visit singapore so much.i was quite skeptical about it so go check the person personal info in fb,its stated hometown is beijing,but when i tried to ask him can speak or read mandarin chinese ,he told me that he cannot,with all sorts of nonsense excuse.but i did give him my contact no cos he pleaded me .he say that he on the way to singapore from netherland yesterday.

Today morning he send me sms on trapped at kl airport during transit cos he bring 94000 usd while maximum can only have 10000 usd.he claim the malaysia authourity had confiscated his belonging and pay 4800ringgit inorder to be released and get back his stuff.he hope that i could transfer him 4800ringgit to help him out.and say he will give me 4000usd immediately once we meet at Singapore airport.

i read and amused that this must be a scammer so just ignored it.during the afternoon,he Whatapps me that he is disappointed that i read and ignored his message.i was even amused by his ability to know that i actually did read his message cos i pretty sure that sms dont't have this function unlike Whatapps.i was certainly this is a scam for sure.i only lost my hp contacts